Tasmania Muesli


​I began my journey baking granola because I was frustrated with the amount of mass produced, preservative & sugar filled breakfast options out in the marketplace. So, I took to creating my own recipes in my little kitchen where I use nuts that are organic or spray free and organic dried fruit, and then I sweeten naturally with beautiful Australian honey. Then, before we bake a batch, we lightly toss through Australian extra virgin oil. This gives our granola a beautifully toasted consistency and fragrance!

​As we moved further through the process, I began creating my own muesli that is equally as fragrant, light, and delicious! Plus, we offer our Traditional Australian Rolled Oats in a convenient one kilo bag.

As we grow and learn more about our ingredients, we have found ourselves creating new recipes which have led us to diversifying into new breakfast cereal varieties. We have just released our delicious Organic Sultana Wheat Flakes! 

​Additionally, we are still roasting our unique Dukkah spice mix that uses similar quality ingredients.

​I hope you can taste the benefit of all natural, organic, spray free, sulphur free and sugar free ingredients!

Proudly 100% Tasmanian owned and operated. We pride ourselves on quality Australian, organic, sulphur-free, no-added-sulphur, no-refined-sugar ingredients. If we cannot find an ingredient Australian made, we source the best from elsewhere. 

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