Our home-made muesli has been thoughtfully prepared with generous servings of almonds (insecticide free) and organic hazelnuts. Plus, organic coconut, pumpkin seeds (chemical free), organic sunflower seeds for added crunch! Sweetened with yummy Australian organic sultanas and organic currants. We make every effort to ensure all ingredients are Australian grown. If an ingredient is not Australian, we source the best quality we can find from elsewhere. You will love this delicious super muesli!


Serving Suggestion:

Extremely tasty with your favourite yoghurt and seasonal fresh fruit. Or simply with your milk of choice.


Available sizes:




BULK BUY 5kg - 46% Fruit Nuts Seeds Muesli

  • Rolled oats, coconut (organic), currents (organic), sultanas (organic), almonds (insecticide free), hazelnuts (organic), sunflower seeds (organic), pumpkin seeds (chemical free).